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Ajhie Le Grandeur
Name: Ajhie Le Grandeur
Age: 19 
Race: Pacific Islander (Indonesia mix)
I moved to Philly around 2006-07
I came to Philly from Tarzana, Los Angeles. CA.  
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
When did you meet Rick: I met Rick around 2011 through a mutual friend. Started being friends thru skateboarding then a little while later we rap to eachother and been working together ever since.  
When did you meet Carter: I met Carter a couple months after rick. Rick start sending Carter the tracks we did and he heavily fuck with it and finally meet Carter shortly after that.  
When did you decide you wanted to rap: I decided I want to rap at the age of 16. That's when I really wanna take off, record mad shit, and hopefully get hella buzz. But there's more to it and I got lost in the process of doing things right. I realize that I love making music and just music itself heals me when I'm in a certain mood or feeling some type of way.  
Influences: I grew up goin to mad Hip Hop programs, goin to bboy classes after school, learning all aspects of Hip Hop and got hooked to the old school tracks and artists. I can't name a couple because Ima get upset if I left out an artist that I fucks with heavy.
Inspirations: My family and my surroundings inspire me everyday. My family from my dad side is very musical. We made history for bringin legit studios and artist to Indonesia. Both my dad and my grandpa plays mad instruments and are songwriters. They constantly make songs no matter what it's about, so growing up I always wanted to make music like them and rapping is what I feel most comfortable in with making music.  
Goals: My goal is to be as successful as possible. I don't care about the fame. As long as people feel me thru my music and I could feed and provide for the fam, I'll be happy. But the grind never stop! The sky's the limit.
Rick Dealz (MazzeratiRick)
Rick dealz formerly known as Mazzerati rick, 26 yrs old, Japanese, born in Miami FL. Moved to Hawaii when I was 5.  Met carter my freshmen year of highschool, and he became my right hand man.  I moved to philly and carter moved to virginia, in 2011. I met Ajhie the first year I was in philly on some skatin shit n later found out he rapped n have been close ever since..
In Hawaii I used to make beats and engineer vocals for other local rappers. Then realized I have a pretty unique story to tell myself so I picked up the mic. At first it was jus freestylin bullshittin remixing songs wit the homies. Then I moved to philly n really started takin it seriously. I linked back up wit carter again I'd say 2012 and from there started our own label tse (tha streets Ent.)
my influences: eminen, 50 and g unit, d 12, snoop dog, lil Wayne, BG, young jeezy, Jody breeze and a lot more too many to list lol. The thing about me tho is Im INFLUENCED by them, I don't try to copy their sound, at the end of the day it's always ME and my own style.
What inspires me is to see someone who came from the same struggles as me in life and turn that into some positive. Not necessarily jus rapping wise, ANYONE who turns basically nothing into something. AND of course the people I surround myself wit inspire me and motivate me to do better for myself so at the end of the day I can turn around n help out those same peopleThe people who I came up wit.
My goals are to finally go legit and be able to make a comfortable living off of what I love doin. I don't really care about the fame

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